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The Lost Subways of North America has 86 transit maps, in addition to area maps of each of the 23 regions discussed.  I've provided links to high-resolution electronic copies below, indexed by chapter.

Chapter 1:

The City Too Busy To Hate

Chapter 2:

Urban Institutions, Megaprojects and the Revival of Boston

Chapter 3:

The Loop Elevated: A Beloved Steel Eyesore

Chapter 4: Cincinnati

A Short History of a Never-Used Subway

Chapter 5: Cleveland

Transit Is Not a Panacea: The Cleveland Waterfront Line

Chapter 6:

They Don't Build Them Like They Used To

Chapter 7:

The City-Suburban Rift and the Most Useless Transit System in the World

Chapter 8:

The City of Organic Growth

Chapter 9:
Los Angeles

Suburban Sprawl and the Legacy of the Pacific Electric Railway

Chapter 10:

Transit, Real Estate, Overpromise, Underdeliver

Chapter 11:
Minneapolis-St Paul

How a Crooked Lawyer, a Wall Street Banker, and the Mob Took Over the Twin Cities’ Streetcars

Chapter 12:

The Metro as Showcase Megaproject

Chapter 13:
New Orleans

How a Big City Grew into a Small Town

Chapter 14:
New York

The Tortured History of the Second Avenue Subway

Chapter 15:

SEPTA and the Commuter Tunnel, or, How Not to Run a Railroad

Chapter 16:

How to Make Buses Work: The Busways of Pittsburgh

Chapter 17:

The First Streetcar System

Chapter 18:

The Only City to Open a Subway, Then Close It

Chapter 19:
San Francisco

The View from Geary Street: The Bay Area’s Transport and Housing Crisis

Chapter 20:

Light Rail Versus Monorail, or, Consensus Through Exhaustion

Chapter 21:

The Political Football: Toronto’s Second Downtown Subway

Chapter 22:

Why Vancouver Built an Elevated

Chapter 23:
Washington DC

The Freeway Revolt and the Creation of Metro

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